About Rahkla Farm

Rahkla Farm was established in 1999 and beef breeding was included our day to day activities from year 2011, when strategic decision was made to end milk production. Since our buildings and land have dealt with beef breeding more than decade before that, we can say that it is a traditional field in our area.

When beef breeding was introduced, we choosed pure-breed Abardeen-Angus. That helped us to purchase our first two bulls and 60 heifers, who laid the foundation on a cattle, that has grown more than 200 members now. Our cattle is being improved with additional bulls, who are being imported from different EU countries with the help of Estonian Beefbreeders Agency. So far we have successfully purchased three new bulls from Denmark. Animals have ideal conditions in the stables that are previous milkfarms in order to keep young cattles, calfs and bulls seperately.

Our animals have ideal indoor conditions in breeding period, that usually starts in the beginning of February. Buildings where we keep our animals are surrounded by massive pastureland areas, that enables our cattle to move without restrictions throughout the year. Our grass feed is being produced in the farm, because we have land over 600 ha, which gives us enough space for pastureland and hay production. Rahkla Farm is organic producer since 2015, because Angus breed gives us ideal conditions for being in front of proucing quality grass feed.

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