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Meie tõud: Abardeen-Angus

Most of Rahkla Farm's attention goes to Abardeen-Angus beefs. Abardeen-Angus (Ab) history starts from North-Scotlands Aberdeen and Angus county, in the beginning of 19th century. Within a decade, this local breed became one of the worlds most growable beef breed. Angus cattles are common in New-Zealand, Australia, Argentina, North-America, Northen-Europe and of course in Estonia. First bulls were brought to Estonia from Denmark in the year of 1994 and today it is one of the most popular breed in Estonia. These black looking, medium sized beefs have justified themselves in our changeable climate, because they can handle cold, moisture and are undemanding for grass feed. Abardeen Angus will produce quality meet when they have good living conditons. Angus is also know for being a quality carcass (carcass productivity 60% or more) breed, therefore is widely used for breeding. Their muscle tissue is marble. And thanks to their tender and moist meat you will get ideal roasting results. Angus is the quickest ready for sale breed and thanks to that they are one of the lowest productivity beef cattles. This is due to relatively easy and quick birth process. Below you are able to see Rahkla Farm's most recent Aberdeen-Angus export certificates that we obtained, when we brought these bulls to our farm.

Hjulgaardens Major

Certificate CKR: 28804-00885


Registration number: EE19299556


Certificate CKR: 54227-00305


Registration number: E15927903